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How Cloud Accounting Can Improve Client Communication and Save Businesses

Author: Tanya Hilts, CPB

December 20, 2016

In today's world of cloud accounting, good communication with your clients, can make the difference in their business blooming or failing. This is a huge responsibility that as a bookkeeper, I take very seriously. Some of the communication is direct form me, and some I can set to automatically occur. I call this inciting communication by automation. The reason the majority of business that fail is not due to the product, but cash flow, or lack thereof. As a cloud bookkeeper, I can use the endless tools at my disposal to help clients realize this and help them to correct their cash flow issues before it is too late.

By utilizing cloud accounting systems and working with real time data, areas of concern can be noticed right away. I can set reports to automatically send to myself and the client on a regular basis, and working with receipts that are days old rather than the historical method of dropping off the shoe box allows for current tracking of concerns. I can see what is happening and advise my client, who may not even be aware he or she has overspent money in certain areas, or that their customers are behind in paying.

Automation allows for less time to be spent on data entry and more time to be spent on analyzing client’s data and processes so that we can find valuable solutions to manage their accounts. With apps that sync with QuicBooks Online like InvoiceSherpa, (which I use in my business and LOVE) we can create processes to streamline the accounting workflow.

Some of my top apps are

InvoiceSherpa which is an inexpensive application that will automatically send reminders to all clients with unpaid invoices and allows payments to be made with the click of a button directly on the email. I can help the client set up credit card payments solutions or even set up pre-authorized debits from either credit card or from bank accounts.

QuickBooks Online allows me to send out reports of expenses that I am unsure of how to categorize so the client can advise while the information is still fresh in their minds.It can also send out profit and loss and other managing reports so that the client can always have a current snapshot of their company finances.

Receipt-Bank allows clients to upload receipts with a snap of their phone on the spot so that I can process expenses as they happen.This saves them time and allows me to keep their books up to date on all expenses all the time.

 ​Hubdoc allows me to fetch documents from other sources.We can gather bank statements, credit card statements, Invoices and more. Hubdoc also have the ability to snap pictures on the go.

I have a solution for any client pain at my disposal, and can customize processes for my clients. But remember, only with communication can the correct solution be found.

Until next time,

About the author: Tanya has earned her Certified Professional Bookkeeper designation through CPB Canada, is an Advanced Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor, and a Member of the Intuit Trainer Writer Network. To Tanya, being a forward-thinking entrepreneur means constantly increasing her own knowledge level and obtaining more certifications, education, and experience in order to not only increase the services and benefits she can offer her clients but to spread that awareness to other members of the accounting community. Tanya's passion for advancing the accounting profession has lead her to regular speaking engagements. Tanya's publically known enthusiasm for the industry has led her to become a current Director of CPB Canada. 

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