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Prepping for Fall Marketing

Although we are only halfway through the summer, now is the perfect time to consider your Fall Marketing plan.

Planning gives you time to put your vision into practice. It takes time to gain momentum in your marketing efforts so you want to make sure you start to build up long before you want to see results.

I also always recommend that you keep consistent throughout the year so that your efforts never wane because rebuilding takes more time than maintaining.

First, take a look ahead to see what will be happening in the Fall that might affect your business or your customers and clients. Should there be a push of marketing around any holidays? When is your target market going to be most responsive? Use this to map out when you need to maximize your marketing efforts.

I like to use the post-it notes method. Print yourself a calendar or buy a nice big one. Then use post-it notes to plan out the focus points and the steps you want to take. This is a great way to visualize what is needed and also see if there are any areas of overlap.

Then, really just have some fun with it and happy planning!

Until Next Time,

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