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Ideas for Staff appreciation in the Summer

Summer is here! This time of year, brings warmer weather, longer days, and sometimes a restlessness among teams to get out of the office!

A lot of vacation time will be taken during the summer but aside from vacation time off here are some other ways you can show your team how much you appreciate them this summer.

Offer a 4-day work week or half-day on Fridays. – Should your business offer some flexibility on when work is completed then allow your team to decide if they want to add a few hours to their Monday to Thursday and then they can take Friday off for an extended weekend.

Summer Appreciation event – Show your team how much you appreciate them with a summer BBQ or maybe even a pool party. It’s a great time of year for your team appreciation because you can take advantage of the warmer weather and plan something outside.

Give your team a sweet gift – send them all a nice gift basket with something sweet for them to enjoy. My recommendation would be a s’mores basket.

Whatever you do make it fun and have a great summer!

Until Next Time,

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