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Easy Ideas to Declutter

I had taken this from an article I read as I thought we could all use a good challenge to start off our February on the right foot.

The Clutter-Free Feb challenge is simple: 

On day one you get rid of one thing. Easy right? On day two you remove two pieces of clutter and on day three, you get rid of three things. On day four you get rid of four items and so on. By the end of February, you will have eliminated 406 items from your home.

It may seem intimidating when you get up into the double digits, but once you start sorting through piles of paper, broken pens, old clothes, and stray Tupperware lids, you’ll be surprised by how quickly the numbers start to add up.

Here is a list to help to declutter during the first month.

Day 1 – Sort recipes into categories & organize them

Day 2 – Declutter & organize cookbooks

Day 3 – Declutter & organize water bottles

Day 4 – Declutter Kitchen drawers

Day 5 – Get the clutter out of the house by donating if possible

Day 6 – Declutter the top of kitchen cabinets

Day 7 – Put small recycling bins throughout the house & place trash bins throughout the home

Day 8 – Create a home recycling center

Day 9 – Declutter grocery bags both plastic and reusable

Day 10 – Declutter plastic silverware and other takeout containers/supplies

Day 11 – Declutter or recycle old batteries & light bulbs

Day 12 – Develop a trash day routine

Day 13 – Declutter old paint and decorating supplies

Day 14 – Declutter your office of old papers

Day 15 – Declutter excess stockpiles from your office

Day 16 – Declutter older swag - donate

Day 17 – Declutter and organize your desk

Day 18 – Recycle old pens

Day 19 – Get the clutter out of the house

Day 20 – Declutter older Birthday, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day cards

Day 21 – Declutter older pots & pans

Day 22 – Begin meal planning

Day 23 – Declutter lunch containers & create a lunch packing station if needed

Day 24 – Create a menu board

Day 25 – Create a running grocery list and create a weekly list of errands

Day 26 – Declutter vases

Day 27 – Declutter and organize the laundry room

Day 28 – Get the clutter out of the house but donate if possible

Each day spend 15 minutes on your decluttering mission and by the end of the month, you will have clean and clear cupboards, and drawers, and be clutter-free.

Until next time,

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