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Conference Survival Tips

As we start once again attending Conferences in person here are some tips to help you survive and make the entire conference more enjoyable.

What to pack 

Masks – you may still feel the need to wear a mask even if it is not required where you are, make sure to pack a number of extra masks so that should you feel the need to have the resources to mask up.

Hand Sanitizer – remember to pack lots of back-ups. It is not uncommon for venues to run out so you don’t want to be searching for this. Have one handy in your bag at all times.

Rocket book – we recently purchased these for our office and they are a gamechanger. You can make notes on the go, take a picture to store them in the cloud, and then erase the book to start all over again. They are incredibly convenient to carry around as well. Some will want to use tech like an iPad but I know a lot of you prefer to use pen and paper and this fits that desire just right

Travel Tips 

Do what makes you comfortable.

Choosing the travel method is up to you. If you are not yet ready to fly then maybe you want to drive to the conference. If you cannot drive, perhaps you want to pay for more room in business or first class on the plane.

As a repeat, this includes wearing a mask, even now that most mask mandates are starting to be dropped. Don’t feel like you cannot still protect yourself by wearing a mask indoors or in places with high crowd levels.

At the event  

Set boundaries - It’s ok to set boundaries on what you are comfortable with when it comes to shaking hands and being too close to people. If you need to keep your distance do what feels right to you.

Choose your sessions wisely – so many sessions happening at once and often they all sound so good it can be hard to choose. If you are attending with a team, you might be able to divide and conquer but if not choose your sessions wisely. Take into consideration what is going to be most relevant to your business right now. Where should you focus to bring back the information you can implement right away. What current pain points are you trying to solve?

Overall, this is meant to be a fun business excursion that gets your creative side flowing to improve your business. Make sure you have the tools and tactics in place to make it just that.

Until next time,

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