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Do You RAWR?

ra-wr      /rôr/ physical verb 

  • to Realize your Awesomeness With Results

We all should RAWR, but know that it is a process with a bunch of opportunities to RAWR. I don’t think anyone truly has everything working perfectly and completely. This means we should take the small wins and RAWR then. The more we can reach those milestones, changes, tweaks, or improvements, the more our confidence should slowly start to build. Within the accounting industry, the bookkeepers, and more so female bookkeepers, lack confidence. COVID has made our lack of confidence even worse. After attending Scaling New Heights in Florida in June, I came back with a refreshed and renewed confidence. If it causes me grief…it’s gone. If it causes me to smile…it stays. This change in my thinking and actions has actually caused an increase in my confidence, which is making me feel like I RAWR. I am not perfect, I have a lot of things that need improvement, but that doesn’t mean I can’t celebrate the small victories with some RAWR-ing. And let me tell you, it feels good. We all have this inside, and let’s just let it out and RAWR together.

Until next time,

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