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Bring Fall into your Office

So I wanted to bring you a little something different this month. As the weather changes, I am starting to feel the need for cozy days at home. Well since most of us spend a huge amount of our day sitting at our desks I wanted to offer some ideas to bring that coziness into your working space,

1. Bring in some comfy blankets to put over your lap or shoulders, as the temperatures become colder it's nice to cozy up.

2. Bring the outdoors in - using items you found outside or even by adding a potted plant to your space with some fall colour tones.

3. Brew a warm beverage - it's the perfect time of year to brew up your favourite hot beverage and have it beside you as your work away. A nice tea or even cider to go with the season.

Whatever you do make it warm and inviting and enjoy the season as it changes.

Until next time

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