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Time to produce that video

Have you been considering creating your own content to share with your community?

Perhaps you want to better connect with those you offer products or services to?

Maybe you want to share your message and attract a new audience?

But where to start?

The best advice is to keep it simple, don't overthink the process. Simply focus on the value you want to deliver as that is all that matters.

Spend just 15 mins on Youtube and you will find videos across all topics, most being produced by those who are not experts at producing video but are experts and know the content they are sharing.

The key element here is that your audience finds value in the content.

SO the simple steps are as follows

  1. Choose your topic

  2. Plan out your script and what you want to cover. You can still adlib but it helps to have a plan.

  3. Record the video, although you want it to be clear perfection is not needed.

  4. You may want to make some small edits.

  5. Then post, don't overthink or overcriticize your work. Let the content speak for itself.

Happy Recording!

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