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Time Management and Social Media

It’s the time of year that we restructure our calendars and organize our office with the best of intentions of maintaining that for the coming year.

Taking a more detailed glance at that here are my tips for managing your social media so that it does not become a rabbit hole that you fall into.

  1. Create a Consistent Schedule - Whatever you plan on doing with your social media this year the number one rule should be consistency. If you plan on posting at 9am daily then make sure your processes allow for that to happen consistently. The benefits of this are that you will create better habits because it is the same schedule everyday. The second benefit is that you are reaching the same pool of people who are also using social media at 9am daily. Since part of the goal of social media is to build relationships it is helpful to speak to the same people each day so that they begin to recognize your unique voice.

  2. Time block in this schedule - Once you have committed to what your schedule will be, make sure this is blocked in your schedule so that other tasks and meetings cannot derail this. I find doing this first thing before getting into other work allows me to be efficient in getting this task done before anything else can crop up in my day.

  3. Have a plan - having a plan for your content takes the guesswork out of the day to day management of it which reduces the stress of trying to decide what to post.

  4. Get off social media - My last tip is that once you have achieved your goal for the day. Posted everything and engaged where needed. Get off the social media so that it does not become a time suck in your day. In order to avoid the rabbit hole you need to shut it all down.

Hope that gives you some direction!


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