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Social Media Tip - Engaging with your audience

Facebook values how actively your page engages with followers in the algorithm.

Here's one tip that I can give you, if someone messages your page, make sure you are responding to that message within 24 hours. If you don't, Facebook is going to reduce your organic reach.

Facebook wants to see that you are highly responsive to your followers or people that are messaging you maybe even if they don't follow you. They also want to see that you are replying to users' comments, so if you create a post and someone comments, even if it's nothing that requires a response from you go ahead and reply to show that your page is actively engaging with your followers.

You want to do that both on your page, and your group, always, always within 24 hours, the sooner you can get to it, the better. I know I don't want you to constantly be on Facebook trying to engage and ignoring your other duties in your job. I know you wear a lot of hats but you want to make sure that you are at the very least replying to comments replying to messages within 24 hours.

Leanne Ballard

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