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Holiday Marketing Tips for your Small Business

The holidays are filled with Small Businesses trying to be heard through the thousands of social media messages that are taking over the newsfeeds of consumers. Here are some ways to help your Small Business stand out.

  1. Be attentive on social media, make sure you are there to answer questions, and even offer up some tips and tricks to make your consumer's shopping experience easier. Think of ways you can alleviate their stress a little.

  2. Show your customer that you value them, find a way to show that you value loyal and long-term customers so that they have no reason to shop elsewhere this season.

  3. Appeal to the emotions of the holidays, this can be a mixture of excitement and nostalgia to stress. Make sure you speak to how you can move your customer from the stress of the season back to what makes them excited about the holidays.

  4. Don't stop promoting your brand, this is your voice and who you are as a company. Make sure it shines at this time of year.

  5. Finally, once the busy time passes keep it up! I know that once the busy season has passed we all need a break and to take a breath but as a Small Business don't stop your marketing completely. Once you have built up that audience it is even more important for you to stay connected.

Keep up the good work!

Until next time,

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