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Being Authentic – The Best Way To Be You

I have read a few blogs and been involved in several discussions lately as to how you should brand yourself on social media and your website. My thoughts on this are that you need to be 100% you. Your audience is smart and will know if you are not being authentic. I follow simple rules. I don’t post anything I am not prepared for the whole world to see, and I am me. I do not have separate business and personal social media accounts. I used to, but it got too much for me to manage to keep things separate, and I had always followed the same rules. The only difference was that my professional social media accounts didn’t portray my personality. This can be a detriment to you if you are looking to match your personality with your audience or potential clients. I have learned that if you don’t like my personality, no problem, there is someone else better suited out there for you.

I don’t have to remember different sets of rules, or worry that I may post the wrong item on the wrong account. And our website has my Beagle, Rosie as our office manager. So in other words, if you don’t like dogs, maybe you don’t want to pop by the office, because she’s always there. It is now at the point during COVID, that much of my audience during webinars listen for Rosie in the background, as in her old age, she is a loud snorer and snores when she is awake. So when I let everyone know at the beginning of the webinar, that the noise is not their internet connection, many attendees type in the chat that it’s just Rosie. She is getting quite famous these days.

Bottom line, it’s much easier to be you than it is to try to be someone else, and then you will attract those that either have similar personalities, or who are accepting of your personality, and it just makes things so much more pleasant.

Until next time...

Tanya Hilts, CPB

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