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Avoiding Burnout during the holidays and beyond

Burnout is a very real thing these days and concern in the workplace for years. The issue is bad enough h that when asked nearly half of employees (44%) claimed to feel burned out at least some of the time, while nearly a quarter (23%) reported that they felt burned out very often if not always.

Now you add in the pandemic and 21 months later then toss is the holidays into the mix, the end of 2021 is promising to be just as overwhelming and deeply challenging time of the year for millions of hard-working individuals.

If you are a business owner, manager, or just an employee, here are a few tips and suggestions that I hope will help you successfully navigate yourself and your team through the busy times.

Feeling burned out is often connected to things like:

Oversized and unmanageable workloads, Failure to understand proper roles, responsibilities, and expectations, short deadlines and inability to manage time & a general failure of vertical communication and support between managers and their staff or clients.

Here are some things to take into considerations to avoid causes of burnout before they can take root.

Promoting wellness in the workplace is an essential aspect of a healthy, functioning team. This is especially true if your team is working remotely on their own work-from-home isolated island. Whether you are working remotely or not the importance of physical, mental, and emotional health is key during busy times like the holidays, tax season any really any other time you are feeling over worked. here are a few ways that may help.

Maintain a flexible approach to schedules and workloads, practicing active listening and vetting your employees for ways that you can help them with their health, encouraging the practice of regularly taking breaks through the day, & creating a stress-free workspace with good vibes through light and greenery.

If you want yourself and your team to feel liberated and unplug it’s important that you do the same. If you as the boss can’t detach from work it’s only going to add an unnecessary layer of stress and expectations to already exhausted employees – just ask Ebenezer Scrooge.

Here are a few more things you can apply to both your work and personal life. Setting realistic expectations, postponing work that isn’t time-sensitive, maintaining boundaries both at work and in your family life & keeping up the structure of your daily routines.

By proactively striving to avoid burnout, you can inspire your team and others to do the same.

Until next time,

Sandra Byers

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