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Payroll Services

Do you need payroll services?  Our payroll packages are available as an add-on or standalone. 
Minimum 2 employee charge on all plans.  

More than ten employees?  50% discount for each additional employee over 10

*Weekly payroll $10 additional per employee per month

*35 per employee plan requires DIY payroll training

**HR Assistance & Forms

  • We will onboard your employees to payroll

  • Your employees can contact us directly as your external HR team for any of their queries.  You will be cc’d back any response to your employees. 

  • We will research and provide answers to any of your HR questions. No more calling Service Ontario.  We have a subscription to an HR department that we utilize for more complex situations.

  • We have the following forms that have been reviewed by a lawyer in Ontario that we will customize for your usage.

    • Letter of offer

    • Non-Disclosure / Non-Compete agreement

    • Employee Loan / Education agreement

    • Employee Handbook

    • Letter of termination

DIY Payroll

  • Training on QBO is available for a one-time fee of $199 plus monthly software fees of $20 plus $3 per employee. 

  • In true DIY style, you are 100% responsible for all of your payroll, T4's, ROE's, CRA reviews, and any payroll-related queries.


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