Career Training


Are you looking for career training for your employees?

Are you looking to bring your bookkeeping internally? 

What are the benefits of choosing a private trainer over a college course?

  • The course content will extensively train practical use of all aspects of bookkeeping using an online platform

  • The course content will be customized for your business and industry

  • One on one, individually paced training

  • The employee will obtain confidence and essential skills that will benefit their current employment as well as future roles

  • Tanya is one of a only a handful of people within North America who has ALL of the following qualifications:

    • Approved Intuit Educator

    • Trainer / Content Writer, Intuit Trainer Writer Network

    • Certified Professional Bookkeeper, Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada

    • Intuit Advanced Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor

    • Intuit Certified QuickBooks Desktop ProAdvisor

    • Volunteer mentor, Futurepreneurs Canada

    • Adult Education Certificate

    • Over 20 years practical industry experience

We offer 2 choices... 


1.  An in depth, on-on-one, 56 hour course which is customized to your business and will cover QuickBooks Online* in depth, encompassing all aspects of bookkeeping and compliance while using an online platform.  As this is customized to your business, we use your books as working examples and help you to design and organize your workflows to make your business administration more efficient and effective. 


2.  An in depth, on-on-one, 28 hour course which will cover QuickBooks Online* in depth, encompassing all aspects of bookkeeping and compliance while using an online platform.  This is not customized to your business, and we use a demo account and standard examples.

An overview of the course content..


New Company Set Up
Getting Around
Customers and Sales Part I
Suppliers and Expenses Part I
Company Activities Part I
Customer and Sales Part II
Suppliers and Expenses Part II
Company Activities Part II
Multi Currency

  • Cost $175 per hour 

  • Plus Textbook fees of $50

  • Virtually One-on-One training via Zoom

  • Certificate of completion is provided upon completion of both the 28 or 56 hours of education

The 28 hour course meets all qualifications for the Canada Job Grant.  Contact us to see if your business qualifies for reimbursement under the job grant for any of your employees you register for this program.


*We offer the same course for QuickBooks Desktop upon request for the same cost

Refund Policy - Individual or Company Customized Training.  No refunds once training has begun.

60 Day Written Notice - no penalty
30 Day Written Notice – 50% of the outstanding balance of agreement to a maximum equivalence of 3 months billings.


Note: Employee is terminated or quits 1 month fees applied