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Tanya's Bookkeepers Bootcamp

Bootcamp helps one get the confidence to overcome that bookkeepers aren't qualified to help business owners, charge a lot for it, and be treated with dignity and respect.

Tanya's Bookkeepers Bootcamp is here to get your business in Shape.  We Tighten and Strengthen Your Bookkeeping Business in the cloud while helping you find your inner confidence.  

This program is for Experienced Bookkeepers that want to Tighten up workflows and Logistics.  

Bootcamp participants are given the tools to execute within their business immediately.  We work with you to make sure that you see results!  

When you take our program and learn from a Bookkeeper, we understand exactly what you need.

Tanya's Bookkeepers Bootcamp is not about teaching you your tools or how to use them and we are not here to sell you on particular software or apps.

Instead, we are here to teach you how to maximize your workflow logistics and bring your business into order.

We cover a multitude of topics from identifying your ideal client, value pricing, customized plans, all the way through to marketing and SEO.  We cover how to be more efficient with your workflows to work smarter, and not harder.  You will also receive all of our templates for quotes, emails, and contacts, as well as the support of our team as well as our Bootcamp family consisting of over 70 past Bootcampers. 


This is for the Bookkeeping Firm in Chaos.

Space is limited to a max of 6 per session and we only run four sessions a year.  This means we only accept 24 applicants a year.

See what some of our past Bootcamp participants have to say about the program!


Lisa Channell


Bonfire Bookkeeping

I had tried to find the right program to help me in my business. I wanted a business coach that understood bookkeeping, and how to fix the things I was struggling with. I particularly needed help with pricing, getting paid, and workflow systems. I couldn't scale until I put measures in place to help me do it successfully. Tanya helped me implement the things I needed in my business, and more importantly showed me HOW to implement them, step by step, with infinite patience.

CaraCreatives_-9728 (1).jpg



Bonstar Accounting Services

I participated in Tanya's Bookkeepers Bootcamp because I wanted to take my company (Bonstar Accounting Services) to the next level.
I was hoping to be able to achieve this next level and I feel I did. Participating in the Bootcamp has
provided me with the tools to help me implement processes and procedures that would have taken
me forever to implement by myself.


Krista McLellan


E&M Bookkeeping Solutions

I’m excited, nervous and overwhelmed by the transformation that has taken place in less than a year. Thank you for creating such amazing content but more so for the continued mentorship you provide to your bootcampers.


Q:  Is this program comparable to the Intuit Mentorship Program?  

A: Absolutely NOT.  This is not a mentorship program, and we would encourage anyone new to the cloud to look at the Intuit Mentorship Program instead of ours. 

Q:  Is this program beneficial to me if I am new to cloud accounting? 

A:  No, as the name suggests, this is a fast-paced program designed for those who know bookkeeping and know their tools.  


Next Session...

*Space is limited to 4 individuals per session!

The week of October 19th is our final session for 2020

Here is what a recent graduate had to say about our program.

"I was able to learn how to truly manage not only my client's business but my own business. It helped me become more organized, more time focused, and all around I feel a whole lot better about where my business is going to take me. I learned how to automate my communication with clients, how to manage my advertising without having to spend all of my time on it, and how to speed up my workflow allowing me to take on more clients."  ~ Tracy Schneider from Trac-ee's Bookkeeping Ltd.

This is the program for Experienced Bookkeepers that want to tighten up workflows and strengthen their business! Bootcamp participants are given the tools to execute in their business immediately. This is a place for bookkeepers who are looking for solutions including workflow implementation, value pricing, marketing, and more. We cannot wait to share our program with you.   



Upon completion of our program, most of our Bootcamp Participants had recouped the cost of Bootcamp due to increased confidence sales and pricing.  Many also found that after a year of completion, that their sales had doubled.


We give you turnkey business tools and custom solutions for your bookkeeping business.


The ideal candidate for our program is someone who has embraced cloud accounting and has at least 2 years of experience in the cloud.  They are someone who knows their tools and wants to take their business to the next level.



Tanya led our firm to be the 2018 and final, Intuit Global Firm of the Future.  Tanya has also been named as one of the Top 50 Women in Accounting Globally for 2018 and 2019 by Practice Ignition, 2019's CPB Canada Professional of the Year, and one of Hubdoc's Top 50 Accounting Firms of 2017 and 2018.  Tanya is also a 2016 Black Swan who is currently mentoring under Ron Baker and a volunteer mentor through Futurepreneurs Canada.  With over 20 years experience, and out of the box thinking, she has walked the walk and talked the talk.  She will help you using her own business workflows and tools.

Leanne has 6 years of experience as an entrepreneur running a media marketing company with a specialty in social media.


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What Bootcamp can do for you...

Bootcamp includes...

  • 12 weeks of one-hour group sessions (max group of 4) covering topics such as Cash Flow, Value pricing, General Efficiency such as 17Hats, Income Tax, Hiring, Other Revenue Streams, Marketing and Social Media

  • 12 weeks of one on one sessions with Tanya and Leanne working on what you need in your business.  This is where we join you in the trenches and help you execute tasks to meet your goals.

  • All of Tanya's workflows, templates, questionnaires, contracts, and more.  These are Turnkey business resources that you can immediately use in your practice.

  • Continued follow-up support and collaboration by way of a private member Group and monthly online meetings for all past and current Bootcampers for 12 months.

  • Access to all new flows and templates for 12 months.

  • Optional access to continued access to the membership program, templates, new resources and templates, weekly and monthly calls after 12 months.
  • Optional access to our licensed Business Bootcamp program


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Value Pricing Template  $99.99* *CAD Plus applicable Canadian taxes


You can purchase this fully customizable value pricing template in excel, install-able on a single computer.  This is the same template that I price every client with and that has been featured in the webinars.  Never stumble on your value pricing again.  Compatible with Windows XP or later Windows versions only.






"I have taken part in several webinars hosted by Cloud Bookkeeping Services and always find something to take away with me. I recently purchased their Value Pricing Template and the first time I tried it I ended up billing 3 times what I would normally and the client paid it within 5 minutes and said it was worth every penny. Thank you, Tanya!"

Linda Chapman, On the Plus Side Bookkeeping Inc.


Upcoming Webinars

Business Woman Smiling

Enhancing the Accountant / Bookkeeper Connection

2021 Registration link: https://bit.ly/30CC5wX

This series of webinars is intended to give an account-by-account description of additional work which normally needs to be done after the basic bookkeeping has been completed for the year. How can an accountant and bookkeeper work together (or a bookkeeper work alone) to polish up the financial results for presentation in an informative financial statement, or inclusion in a tax return? See below for a list of topics and register today so you don't miss out.
Recurring: Last Wednesday of each month Noon am EST / 9 am PST (Excluding July, Aug & Dec)
Length 1 hour
Image by Nikita Kachanovsky

Right-Sizing (aka Value Pricing)

Previously recorded: https://youtu.be/n3wkQ7CvdFg

​​As you find your business changing to the new platform of value / fixed pricing, this becomes a confusing time.  I struggled, as most of you, are probably still struggling to find what this actually means and how to price for it.  There are many ways out there and we are lucky enough to have had access to the webinars of the value pricing leaders within our industry.  But it is still confusing.   I compiled everything into an easy to use formula, that I will be sharing with you, which is saved on an excel spreadsheet that I have in a dropbox file so that I can access this anywhere.  I prefer to call this RIGHT SIZING.  The right client, with the right package for the right price.   I then use 17Hats as my preferred app to send out the quotes.  Although you should present the quote in person, you can easily send out the details afterward for reference.  Using 17Hats for this purpose is my preference.  As I continue to improve my process, I will be modifying the webinars.  So if it has been a while since you have attended, why not join again to see what new tips, tricks, and suggestions I have to share with you. 

Next Date: TBA

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Beyond The Cloud

Live Zoom link: https://bit.ly/30kSHZM

Collaborating accounting professionals discussing important industry topics and pushing the boundaries within the industry.  
Recurring: Fridays 3:30pm ET/12:30 PT
Join us live on Beyond The Cloud on Zoom https://bit.ly/30kSHZM chat on FB in the Bookkeepers Corner FB Group https://bit.ly/34a0L0t.  #UnscriptedFun #FreestylingFridays

All past webinars are available to view on our YouTube channel...


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