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Service-focused and innovative, we've got your back with modern bookkeeping that safeguards and propels your business forward.

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Tailored accounting services for every stage of business

​Embark on a DIY bookkeeping adventure with us! Imagine turning those daunting digits into a fun, empowering journey. Our training is like having a financial wizard by your side, transforming you into a bookkeeping superhero. And the best part? We're with you every step of the way with ongoing support that's as reliable as your favorite playlist. Get ready to rock your records and spin your financial story like a pro!

​Step into the future of bookkeeping with our Client Accounting Services! It's like having a financial crystal ball, giving you real-time insights faster than a shooting star. Say hello to instant financial clarity and decision-making swagger for your business. We're here to make your numbers dance to the beat of the latest tech, ensuring you're always in the know and on the go!

​Revolutionize your payroll process with our turbocharged services! In the ever-twisting maze of over 500 provincial payroll legislations, consider us your savvy guide. We bring a mix of cutting-edge efficiency and deep payroll expertise to the table, ensuring every paycheck is in perfect harmony with the latest compliance tunes. With us, navigating the complexities of payroll compliance becomes a breeze.

Tax troubles? Not on our watch! With our expert tax and compliance services, you'll zigzag through tax mazes like a pro. We're here to tailor our know-how to your business's unique rhythm, ensuring you're always in tune with the latest regulations. Think of us as your financial strategy's backstage crew, setting the stage for your show-stopping success!

​Supercharge your business game with our Virtual CFO services! Dive into a world of tailor-made financial reports and savvy advice that's all about steering your business ship towards a horizon of booming growth and dazzling success. Get ready to take your strategy from zero to hero!

We are a CAS Firm (Client Accounting Services)


Future-Forward Finance: Blending Tradition with Technology in CAS

Future-Forward Finance: Blending Tradition with Technology in CAS

Embrace the future of finance with a modern CAS Firm (Client Accounting Services), leveraging the latest technology for efficient, real-time insights.


Our client accounting services go beyond traditional bookkeeping, offering personalized, proactive strategies to drive your business success.

Comprehensive Financial Insight: Past, Present & Future

Our Client Accounting Services provide a comprehensive view, analyzing past performance, optimizing present operations, and strategizing for future growth, empowering business owners with a holistic financial perspective.

Strength that speaks for itself...


Facts you should know about your bookkeeping team...


Why? Because YOU, and only YOU are responsible for your tax returns and books, regardless of who worked on your books or filed your returns.

    Professional liability insurance is crucial in today’s fast-paced business world. It not only provides peace of mind but also safeguards our firm and clients against unforeseen errors or omissions. In the dynamic field of modern bookkeeping, where regulations and technologies constantly evolve, this insurance ensures that we can continue delivering top-notch services confidently and securely. We carry 2 million Liability, Errors, and omissions insurance. CRA determines YOU to be responsible for your records and taxes, regardless of who has prepared the information. If something is wrong, CRS will fine you with penalties and interest, and require you to submit the correct records, in which you may have to pay someone to re-do your books correctly. The only way to recoup any costs to you for the error is to take them to small claims court. And then, even with an award judgment, there is no guarantee you can collect. Errors and Omissions insurance protects you, and us against this.
  • Do PROFESSIONAL DESIGNATIONS matter in distinguishing professional bookkeepers?
    Designations in bookkeeping are more than just titles; they signify a commitment to ethical standards and a code of conduct upheld by the professional community. Holding a designation means that a bookkeeper has undergone rigorous training, adheres to industry best practices, and is accountable to a governing body. This dedication to ethics and professionalism not only sets apart true professionals from non-professionals but also ensures that clients receive competent, trustworthy service. Tanya, our founder and CEO holds the following designations: CPB, FCPB, AIA, Level 5 Certified Advisor. Tanya is passionate about ongoing education and is currently working towards her DPB (Digital Professional Bookkeeper) through the Digital Bookkeepers Association. All team members who provide Client Accounting Services to our clients are working towards their CPB (Certified Bookkeeper) designation through CB Canada.
  • How does adhering to a CODE OF CONDUCT impact bookkeeping services?
    Adhering to a code of conduct is fundamental in bookkeeping. It ensures that we operate with integrity, transparency, and accountability. This commitment to ethical practices protects our clients' interests and maintains the highest standards of service. By following a strict code of conduct, we assure our clients of our professionalism and dedication to upholding their trust and confidentiality in all financial matters." As members of CPB Canada, The Digital Bookkeepers Association, The National Payroll Institute of Canada, and the Efile Association of Canada all have strict codes of ethics that as professionals and members, we must adhere to. Tanya has such a strong belief in ethics in the profession that she sits on the CPB Canada Ethics and Discipline Committee and the Public Affairs Task Force.
  • Why is it important for accounting professionals to stay updated with the latest TAX LAWS and TECHNOLOGY?
    In the fast-evolving fields of modern accounting, staying updated is vital. Keeping abreast of the latest laws, regulations, and technological advancements ensures that accountants can provide not only accurate and compliant services but also efficient and innovative solutions. This continual learning is essential for maintaining the integrity of financial management, enhancing data security, and offering clients the most advanced and effective strategies. It's a commitment to excellence that encompasses both legal knowledge and tech-savviness, crucial in today’s digital age. The entire Cloud Business Services team is committed to continuing education, as well as the professional associations we are a part of have minimum standards that have to be proven to continue to renew our annual memberships. Each of our team members averages about 200 hours annually in continuing education to ensure we are up to date on the most effective software, current compliance, payroll, tax rules, regulations, and expanding our knowledge.
  • How is QUALITY and ACCURACY verified in accounting services?
    We prioritize quality and accuracy through a comprehensive system of checks and balances. Our team employs advanced accounting software coupled with meticulous manual reviews to ensure every financial statement and report is accurate and compliant. Regular internal audits and peer reviews are part of our routine to maintain the highest standards. This rigorous approach to quality control means our clients can trust in the precision and reliability of our accounting services. Although we use AI internally, it is a tool we use to assist us, not to do our work. We do NOT use AI to process. We review every receipt and transaction for accuracy and compliance. We even have monthly, quarterly, and annual review checkpoints. We are so confident in the quality we provide, we will support you at no charge as we KNOW our work will pass a CRA review and audit (DIY Bookkeeping, Business Basics Plan or missing information excluded.) Tanya has experience with CRA reviews/audits since 1997.
  • Why is PROFICIENCY in ACCOUNTING TECHNOLOGY important for accounting professionals?
    Proficiency in accounting technology is crucial for modern accountants for several reasons. It enables us to streamline processes, improve accuracy, and offer real-time financial insights, which are essential in today's fast-paced business environment. Technological adeptness also allows for better data management and enhanced security, ensuring sensitive financial information is protected. Embracing the latest accounting technologies means we can provide more efficient, innovative, and secure services to our clients, keeping them ahead in a digitally-driven world. Cloud Business Services uses QuickBooks Online exclusively so that we can work more effectively in real time. My and team and I are all certified in many apps and with my work with the apps and beta testing.
  • Why EMAIL is NOT the safest method for communicating sensitive accounting Information?
    Email, while a common form of communication, may not be the safest option for sharing sensitive accounting information. The risks extend beyond email interception or unauthorized access; they also include potential threats from the client's computer, such as malware, or risks associated with checking emails on unsecured public networks like those in hotels or restaurants. These vulnerabilities can lead to data breaches, compromising the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive financial data. To counter these risks, we use secure communication platforms with robust encryption and security measures, ensuring that our client's information remains protected in all scenarios. This approach is part of our commitment to the highest standards of data security and privacy. Cloud Business Services uses a secure client portal to communicate and protect our clients sensitive data from being accessed from anyone other the intended recipient.
  • How do you ensure the SECURITY and CONFIDENTIALITY of financial data?
    All Cloud Business Services team members (front and back office) are required as part of their training process to take a security course. We have recently created a security course for our clients. I hold all passwords in NordPass for team members. Any reset requests come to my email. 31 digits long random passwords with upper/lower case, numbers, and symbols
  • Do you have experience in my specific INDUSTRY or field?
    This is important because different industries have unique accounting requirements and challenges. A bookkeeper with experience in your specific field can provide more tailored and effective service. We have extensive expertise (over 15 years) in some fields - Insurance/Wealth Management, Trucking - owner/operators, Welding, Health services, and Real Estate. We niche in professional services. We won’t accept a client in an industry we don’t have experience in. We don't charge our clients to use their files to train ourselves in their industry
  • Do you OUTSOURCE or OFFSHORE any of your bookkeeping tasks?
    Understanding whether a bookkeeper or accounting firm uses third-party services, especially overseas, is important for considerations related to data security, communication and quality of service. Been there, done that, spent months fixing errors, will never do again.
  • How do you approach and SOLVE BUSINESS PAIN POINTS through your bookkeeping practices?
    This question helps assess the bookkeeper's ability to identify, understand and address specific challenges your business may face, demonstrating their value beyond bookkeeping. Tanya, our CEO and founder, is a level 5 Certified Advisor and has dozens of tools in her toolbox to help. We are not just about the numbers but can help you solve your business pain points - beyond your financial statements. Also have resources through CFIB and professional memberships to use for our clients - access to legal document templates, HR advice, and basic legal consult are included.

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